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The Makeup Mix-Up: American Beauty


Makeup Mix-Up Day is here! Now, if you're thinking that this look is remarkably similar to my profile image, you're not wrong. I knew when Jaelan and I decided on the American Beauty prompt that I wanted to do a look like this. To me, there is no one single definition of 'American' beauty, and what makes a person beautiful is when they feel good in their own skin, when they're wearing a look (makeup or not) that makes them come alive and feel confident. For me, that often means red lipstick and a subtle wing. I love the look of a bare eye and an ultra strong lip. It's my favorite look to wear and to apply, so it was a no-brainer. 

The Makeup Mix-Up: American Beauty: A weekly beauty link up for makeup lovers everywhere...
First of all, how funny is it that Jaelan and I are both wearing stripes? When it comes to the makeup, we did not discuss or plan our looks together, but I am guessing that we're going to end up thinking alike more often than not on these prompts. I love Jaelan's smokey brown shadow, her strong brow, and that lip color she's wearing is absolutely perfect. I think her look would be amazing on just about everyone. Doesn't she look gorgeous? 

The Makeup Mix-Up: American Beauty: A weekly beauty link up for makeup lovers everywhere...
To create this look, I started with a neutral shadow all over the lid, and then blended a taupe shade into the outer crease. I used a black eyeliner pencil to tightline the upper waterline, and then I followed that with a dark taupe shadow and an angled brush. Starting from the outer edge and working my way in, I created a soft wing, and used my finger to smudge as I went. I intentionally focused the liner only on the outermost third of the lid on both top and bottom, to keep the eyes really wide and open. For brows I kept it simple with a brow powder, followed by a gel to set everything in place. 

On the skin I used my trusty powder foundation, a sweep of bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks, and some blush right on the highest part of my cheekbone, pulling it forward. I also brought the bronzer down to the neck for a little more jaw definition, and then dusted the tops of my cheekbones, the middle of my forehead, and my nose with a bit of highlighter. I used a bright red lipstick and kept to the natural shape of my lip. I finished everything off with a couple of coats of my favorite mascara on the outermost lashes. You'll also probably notice that I didn't use any mascara on the bottom lashes. I really wanted to let the lips be the focus of the whole look. 

The Makeup Mix-Up: American Beauty: A weekly beauty link up for makeup lovers everywhere...
And just in case you're interested in trying out any of these products for yourself, here are the links to the exact products I used. These links are affiliates:

The Makeup Mix-Up: American Beauty: A weekly beauty link up for makeup lovers everywhere...
Now, this may have been my "signature" look with a nice subtle winged eyeliner, but I can assure you that for next week's "Wing it Out" look, there will be nothing subtle about it. I'm really going to go for it. 

The Makeup Mix-Up: American Beauty: A weekly beauty link up for makeup lovers everywhere...Alright! Enough about my look, show me what you've got! Let's see your take on American Beauty.

Link up rules:
1. Follow your hosts. That's me, Jaelan, and any co-host we may have.
2. Add your look to the link up. 
3. Check out the other people who've linked up and comment on at least three looks.
4. Leave a link to either mine or Jaelan's post in your own blog post.
Bonus! Share your look with us on social media using the hashtag #themakeupmixup so we can show you all kinds of social media love with lots of heart and smooching emojis. 

And go!

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