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Pear, Walnut, and Goat Cheese Crostini

You guys! This snack is delicious. I wish I were eating it right now. I am eating a delicious tub of yoghurt but still, this would be an excellent companion. I've recently discovered a love for goat cheese. It only took 25 years for us to find each other, but now that we have, we are making up for lost time. I also discovered that after years of thinking that I didn't like pears, I do in fact, like pears. Especially red pears. So it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that this 'recipe' involves two of my newly discovered loves. I'm calling it: Pear, Walnut, and Goat Cheese Crostini. In the interest of full disclosure, this would be a perfect time to tell you that this is not exactly my recipe. It's a combination of this recipe and this recipe. The great thing about this snack is that you can totally customize it. If you don't like goat cheese, you could use cream cheese, or ricotta. If you don't like pears, use apples. Switch walnuts for sliced almonds or honey for agave nectar. Go crazy. The point it to put cheese, fruit, nuts, and a highly viscous liquid onto some toasted bread and shovel it into your face. Or eat it slowly and with some dignity. This is a super fancy snack after all. 

To make this as shown here, you will need:
Bread (I went with a simple baguette)
Spreadable goat cheese
A red anjou pear

First you gotta slice and toast your bread (I stick mine under the broiler in my oven on high for about a minute and a half on both sides). You have to toast it on both sides or everything will get real soggy, real fast. We are going to load these bad boys down with some delicious toppings and we need our bread to be on its A game. 

Next, you'll want to layer on an obnoxious amount of goat cheese. Really go at it.

Slice your pear. I like to hold it upright and put my left hand on the stem and slice downward from the outside in. Like how you would slice a lemon. Once you get to the core you just turn it around and slice the other side. You want to keep the slices pretty thin so they're easier to bite into and you can layer more of them on each piece. 

Now you want to really get in there with the honey. Don't be shy. 

Then just grab a handful of walnuts and chunk them on top. You could individually place them, but unless you're taking pictures for a blog post, you shouldn't bother with that nonsense. 

Now would be an opportune time for a taste test. 

After you are done constructing your delicious snack, you should plate your masterpiece, grab a nice glass of water, and a napkin, and sit down like a civilized person to enjoy your creation. Whatever you do, don't wolf these down standing over the kitchen sink, because no one does that... Especially not me. I would never. ;)  

I know I'm calling these a snack, but this is actually filling enough to be considered a light lunch or breakfast. Especially if you eat four of them like I did. Are you snacking on anything delicious lately? I find that almost nothing tastes bad on some toasted bread. And it's a scientific fact that eating over the kitchen sink makes everything taste better. ;)


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