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God Bless America, sweatpants are in this season! They're a thing... Sweatpants!?!?! But we aren't collectively calling them sweatpants, we're calling them 'joggers'. That makes them socially acceptable to gallivant around town in. I googled 'gallivant' just to be sure it meant what I thought it meant, and according to The Googs it means: to go around from one place to another in pursuit of pleasure or entertainment. Considering that I wore these out with my husband on a beer and wine run, I'd say I hit the nail on the head. How much more gallivant-y can you get? These are now my gallivanting pants. In all seriousness, these are actually really fun to play around with. I tried them on with almost everything in my closet. They actually look really cool and fun with heels and a leather jacket. Kendi from Kendi Everyday (if you're not reading her blog, you are doing yourself a disservice) wore them that way and they look fabulous. Then again, everything she wears looks fabulous. I kept it SUPER simple with a white denim jacket, a tank, and some sneakers. The gallivanting had to end at some point because this was on Sunday night and on Sunday nights we cut off all gallivanting at 8 PM and watch The Walking Dead. With our newly scavenged beer and wine. We're totally prepared for The Apocalypse

Are you going to jump on the jogger bandwagon this year? I do have to admit I was nervous to try them because I wasn't sure how they'd work in the hip/thigh/booty region on me. However, my husband assured me that my 'butt looks really good' in them and he's never wrong about how my butt looks. So even though they aren't the most slimming and elongating pants I've ever worn, I'm gonna embrace it, because who knows how long this trend will last? Really. Life is short. 

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