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Fall Mantle Makeover


When we moved into this house, one of the things I was most excited about was having a huge mantle over the fireplace. I loved the thick, chunky molding and was excited to be able to play around with different arrangements every so often. This is what our mantle has looked like, for the most part, since we've moved in. So much for being adventurous. 

I've changed things here and there, and added and subtracted different items, but for the most part, it has remained very, very neutral. I like neutral, but sometimes you gotta switch it up.

I decided that I needed to wipe the slate clean and build a new arrangement from scratch. This is what things are looking like now...

Ta-da! So, the most notable difference is that I've added some orange/copper elements. I wanted it to be fall but not scream FALL, and still read as mostly neutral, so that it wouldn't clash with the existing decor in the room.

A few items from the previous arrangement ended up staying: the rope knot, the ampersand, the candlesticks on the left. I wanted to add in a darker, black element with the books that would play with the orange and not look too Halloween-ish. I think having the brown/neutral elements helps with that. I wanted it to be able to work from Halloween all the way up to Thanksgiving. 

Most of this is thrifted, or from an antique store, or no longer available, but I'll try to tell you where I got everything. From left to right: 
- Orange photo box on bottom left stack// Walmart (old)
- Two cigar boxes sitting on top//  Local cigar shop 
- 'Horn' candle sticks// Antique store
- Hedgehog measuring cups// Anthropologie (no longer available)
- Copper cookie jar// Thrifted
- Trio of candles// Target (Cheapies from the 'plain' candle section)
- Rope knot// Target// Similar
- Various books 
- Ampersand// Target (no longer available)// This wine cork ampersand on Etsy is awesome
- More hedgehogs from Anthropologie
- Silver platter// Thrift store
- Orange bowls filled with corks and twine// Vintage Pyrex left by the previous owners (in the attic)
- Brass candlesticks// Antique store
- Vintage makeup train-case// Thrifted 
- Mirror above fireplace// Walmart (old)

Other items near the fireplace:
- Brown end table// Target (old)
- Lamp on end table// Home Goods 
- Orange tea pitcher// Thrifted (this will probably hold a flower arrangement before long)
- Brown picture frame// Target (old)
- Fireplace log holder// Thrifted
- Fireplace tools// So old I don't even remember where they're from

You may have noticed that I don't stick to traditional 'decor' items. Anything is fair game to use as decoration to me. I doesn't matter if it's 'supposed' to go in a kitchen or dining room or bathroom. If I like how it looks somewhere, that's where it's going. I also like to mix tones and metals. Brass, silver, gold, copper, they all look good together, in my opinion. I like to keep the mantle symmetrical for the most part, but I don't get too fussy about it. You just have to play around with it until it's just right. Somehow I always know when I'm ready to stop. And the best part about the whole makeover is that it didn't cost a dime... Woo hoo! 

All of the items that were removed were either put back in my prop closet, or moved to another room. 

The only thing I'd like to do is put a plant or something slightly taller on the right side (inside the makeup case, perhaps) to give a bit more balance and a color to that area. I ran out of orange things. What can I say? This is real life, not HGTV magazine.. ;)

Shiner seems to like it well enough.. "Hey girl, your mantle arrangement skills are dope! Can I get a treat now?" Yes, Shiner. Yes, you can. 

Are you doing anything to 'Fall-ify' (yep that's a word) your home? Do you have a mantle/fireplace that you like to gussy up when the seasons change? Or maybe a fun front porch switch up? 

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