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Coffe Chat: Part One



 Good morning. It's Friday. That means it's Coffee Chat time. Let's talk about stuff...

Coffee Chat No. 24// Miranda Writes Blog

My friend Amanda introduced me to Notes From The Universe. It's not really 'The Universe' emailing you. It's a dude named Mike, but they're still really fun to get in your inbox. They're all inspirational-y and vague. If you like pinning quotes on Pinterest, you'd probably like this.

I made this skillet pizza for dinner the other night. Except I used pesto and artichokes and it was the bomb! Super easy weeknight dinner.

I really, really, really, really like this trench coat. Really.

If this video doesn't get you pumped up, you are not pumpupable. Yep. It's a word.

Nadine did a great post on using Pinterest's promoted pins feature. If you're a blogger you might want to check this out. Also check out Nadine's blog too. She's hilarious.

The Girl Who Saw Through the Illusions makes me feel all the warm fuzzies. Well, kind of. Wise words.

Have you ever heard of Scentbird? It's like Birchbox or Ipsy but just perfume (!!!). Great gift if you want to get something for a girlfriend or sister (or yourself)...

These glasses that Lauren posted make me want to put on a poodle skirt and take my beau to a sock hop and then go for milkshakes at the diner.

Engagement photos: how it's done. Slow clap.

This. This is my life.

I'm obsessed with this dress. It's out of stock and even if it weren't it's $375, so there's really no point in me even linking it, but I am because I'm still obsessed with it.

How glamorous is this DIY faux fur pom-pom throw blanket?

These awesome pencils are currently on their way to me from Thyme is Honey's Etsy shop and I can. not. wait. Too cute. #listmakersgonnalist

In case you missed it:
Vanilla Chai Tea Smoothie
Quick and Easy No-Makeup Makeup
So Tell Me (this was so much fun I'm doing it every month...)
Book Buying Freeze

What are you perusing around the interwebs lately? Anything good? Anything hilarious? Anything with puppies?

P.S. Coffee Chat No. 23


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